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I recently attended the Inman Connect Conference in San Francisco, and came back with some great insights from one particular session.

They assembled a group of 8 recent home buyers, and let them speak directly to the audience (of Realtors) about their experiences with the buying experience.  I was glad that the conference organizers chose a diverse group, as we know every real estate transaction is different.  There was an investor, a single woman, a gay couple, a recently-married husband and wife, and others among the panelists.

There were a few important points that all Realtors need to know:

Buyers want to “own” the search process

Home Search

They selected their Realtor in one of two main ways:

1.  By referral from a trusted source or friend

2.  By speed of response on the web, text, social media or phone

They want and expect three main things from their agent:

1. “Help me understand the buying process.”

buy process

2. “Be my ‘hyper-local’ real estate expert.”

3.  “Negotiate for me.”


Good advice from real buyers.  Are you listening?  Are you doing these things for your buyers?