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When I attended the Real Trends Gathering of Eagles recently, a common topic arose among real estate company owners and franchisors: “How do I increase agent adoption of the tools and systems I provide for them?”

The problem is pervasive.  The data shows that only 10% of agents use 90% of the available technology, and only 50% employ a bleak 10%.  Why?

Chart courtesy of Real Trends

Chart courtesy of Real Trends.  This originally appeared in the 2013 May Edition of REAL Trends and is reprinted with permission.  All rights reserved. Copyright 2013.

Several reasons:

  • Agents are “too busy” to learn new things
  • Experienced Agents have already adopted other tools from other vendors
  • Agents are fearful “downtime” and loss of business if they change systems
  • Agents want to see and hear results from peers, not from their broker or the vendors
  • The average age of NAR members is around 56 years old; and many of them feel “tech-challenged.”

The solution to this issue seemed intuitive to most attendees – “DO IT FOR THEM.”

This made me very happy to hear because our company is far ahead of the pack!  Years ago we saw this problem and implemented a new position in our company: The Marketing Services Associate.  Much like a Transaction Coordinator, this person is the Marketing Coordinator, serving agents to set up their CRM, websites, social media accounts, lead management systems and other tools.

And it is working!  I would like to hear from any of you who have utilized this service in our offices already and what your experience has been.