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This week our Phoenix Realty Executives company held an interesting Consumer Panel, in which we had three consumers of real estate tell our agents about their recent experiences in buying and selling homes.

The insights were valuable.  Hearing some ideas directly from our customers on how to improve the real estate buying and selling processes was enlightening.  One comment in particular stood out to me:

Do you REALLY know who is searching your website for homes???

One of our panelists has two daughters, ages 10 and 13.  He told us that right after the family decided to move, his girls were the main drivers of searching the internet for their new home!  When our family moved when I was around that age, I was NEVER involved in the home search or selection process.  How many of you have given any thought to optimizing or having your website appeal to teenagers?  I think there is a huge opportunity here!  It would be fascinating to me to do some market research and focus groups with teenagers of families that have recently moved or are considering it, to understand how best we could include them in the process on our websites.

Do you have any suggestions of what might be compelling?  How about some information about restaurants, coffee houses, music and concert venues?  Perhaps a calendar of upcoming concerts and other events that appeal to that age group?  I am sure you can add some more to the list.