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QR Code Fatigue?

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Interesting article in the July 2-8 issue of Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine by Mark Milian…the basic premise is that QR Codes (and Microsoft Tags) are not being used effectively by advertisers…And I would agree with that!  It is particularly BORING to only have a tag take you to a company or product website. In real estate, I would hope that you are using your tags to take a customer to a virtual tour, or better yet, an exciting video of you or the property.  People want ACTION and INTERACTION that is compelling and FUN.  There are some other industries that are using Tags or Codes creatively: I have seen book publishers entice readers by letting them download a chapter; movie companies use them on posters for people to see the trailers for their coming attractions; and in the example in the article, a headstone company shows how to use them to see videos or memorials of the deceased!  We chose to use Microsoft Tags for our company because they are much easier to scan on yard signs from a car, and they are much easier to manage when you want to re-use them.  In any case, don’t send your prospects to a boring URL from your tags…be creative and have some fun with it.  Send me some examples of the Tag destinations you are using.


You will need to download the Microsoft Tag reader at http://gettag.mobi
Check this out and let me know what you think…