I recently had the pleasure of listening to Roger Staubach, the celebrated former Dallas Cowboys quarterback.  What you may not know is that after football, he went on to create in 1977, one of the most successful commercial real estate brokerages in the country.  The Staubach Company grew to over 1600 employees with 70 offices in North America.  In 2008, he merged his company with Jones, Lang, LaSalle, selling his stake for a huge sum.

It was clear to me that his management style came from his discipline in football.  He is a simple, clear-thinking, goal-oriented, no BS kind of guy.  In addition, it is clear that he does not compromise one iota when it comes to his ethics.

I don’t know if he ever read The E-Myth, but he certainly emulates the characteristics.  He clearly set out his business plan, job plan, and completion plan for his business, and I am certain that he did the same as he led the Dallas Cowboys to four Super Bowls!

Here is a quote from his speech that says it all:

“It takes un-spectacular preparation to produce spectacular results.” 

Roger, thanks for your inspiring insights into running our businesses.

-Rich Rector